Hi, I'm Tad.
A tech & media creative located in the - Pacific Northwest -
I specalize in creations for all levels of brands, clients & everyday creatives.

honing my skills since 2004
live in PNW _ fiancé + 2 pets
All production requires collaboration.
Reach out regarding any & all media based needs.



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Volkswagen Beetle Concept 2015 NYIAS
Editor Volkswagen Beetle Concept Walkarounds at 2015 New York International Auto Show
Bates Motel _ S3-Promo
AE/NUKE Compositing B.T.S. Photographer and artist Steven Sebring used more than 100 cameras to craft the season three preview that physically blends...
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt _ S1-E1
NUKE Compositing Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is an upcoming American comedy television series created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, that will stream on...
2014 • VFX • REEL •
2014 • EDITING • REEL •
Alphabet using 3D replication of Crystals.
Adult Children Of Divorce
NUKE - House Fire Ash Particle backbone merged throughout fire plates to simulate heat drafts carrying Ash. A.C.O.D. VFX Supervisors : Luke DiTommaso...
First Winter
NUKE - Roto Final dolly scene - yogi's on green screen boxes, plated in a new floor. First Winter VFX Supervisors : Ron Winter Producers :...
NUKE - Roto & Replace Time's Square billboards & signage through pedestrian traffic. On Broadway VFX Supervisors : Luke DiTommaso , Mark Scott...
BORGIA _ S2-E1 & 4
NUKE - Roto & Remove _ Rigging & Misc. Modern day fixtures on the main castle. Rigging apparatus for hanging torture sequence. The Time Of Sweet Desires ...
ROYAL PAINS _ S4-E13 & 14
NUKE - Roto & Replaced Vehicle licensee plates into fictitious numbers. Tracked, Roto'ed & inserted a CG needle into a spinal tap scene. Tracked, Roto'ed &...
THE FUZZ _ E1 & E15
NUKE - Track & Roto Wire removal & cleanup of hotel room heist. 9 point bullet hole tracking/pinning/comp for shooting of main character in final sequence. ...
Tom Ford - Noir
Role : GRIP - Day Shoot (L.I.C.) - Load in. Built lighting truss, mounted lights for primary tabletop of bottle, assisted in flagging & problem solving lighting...
"Celebrate" _ Madagascar 3 Soundtrack Artist : Pitbull Song : Celebrate - Madagascar 3 Soundtrack Label : RCA Records / Sony Music Entertainment Post :...
Kanye West - Mercy
NUKE - Roto & Layer Masked - Kanye's Verse Kanye West’s Mercy. Nominated for 2 MTV VMA’s for Best Hip Hop Video and Best Editing. Featuring...
Jimmy Eat World - My Best Theory
NUKE - Roto & Layer Masked 48 shots comped in a week span Director: Ron Winter Producer: Dane Reiley, Alon Simcha AD: Tom Kelly DP: Michael Ragen Art:...
Classixx - Into the Valley
NUKE - Roto & Layer Masked Director: Ron Winter Producer: Alon Simcha DP: Mike Gioulakis Prod Manager: Matt Harfield Lead Character: Ana Cristina...
Great Tiger - Last Night
FCP - Rough Edit
AE - Built from scratch Collaborated with "The Grammys & Pepsi" to meet their visual standards.
AE - Built from parts C4D - Car Model & Animation from Scratch Collaborated with "YogaSlackers" & "CavemanCollective" to meet their visual standards.
AE - Built from scratch Aligned to reference footage of car pulling away. Turn Up The Music & Drive
PENNZOIL _ Transition Mockup
C4D - Built from scratch Mockup for a transition pass.
The Saturdays _ View Stats
AE - Re-Built of old reference project
Food Show Id
C4D - Built from scratch Conceptual pitch for a food show pilot. The contents of the pan/plate, the end structuring & appearance of the titles as well as...
Collision Dynamics
C4D - Built from scratch
Fluid Dynamics
RealFlow - C4D - FCP - Built from scratch
Hair Dynamics
C4D - Built from scratch
NUKE - Built procedural map off footage
Kacey Musgraves _ Segments
PREMIER PRO - VEVO - Lift _ Alumni SEGMENTS EDITED - LIFT Intro: Kacey Musgraves - Get To Know: Kacey Musgraves - Influences: Kacey Musgraves -...
Krewella _ Segments
PREMIER PRO - VEVO - Lift _ Alumni SEGMENTS EDITED - LIFT Teaser: Krewella - LIFT Intro: Krewella - Get To Know: Krewella - Making Of Alive:...
Paloma Faith _ Segments
PREMIER PRO - VEVO - Lift _ Alumni SEGMENTS EDITED - LIFT Teaser: Paloma Faith - LIFT Intro: Paloma Faith - Get To Know: Paloma Faith - Becoming:...
The Saturdays _ Segments
PREMIER PRO - VEVO - Lift _ Alumni SEGMENTS EDITED - LIFT Intro: The Saturdays - Happy Valentine's Day, Love The Sats - Get To Know: The Saturdays -...
Austin Mahone _ Segments
PREMIER PRO - VEVO - Lift _ Alumni SEGMENTS EDITED - - LIFT Teaser: Austin Mahone - LIFT Intro: Austin Mahone - Get To Know: Austin Mahone -...
Avicii _ Segments
PREMIER PRO - VEVO - Lift _ Alumni SEGMENTS EDITED - LIFT Intro: Avicii - Becoming: Avicii - Collaborations: Avicii - Fans: Avicii - True: Avicii -...
Florida Georgia Line _ Segments
PREMIER PRO - VEVO - Lift _ Alumni SEGMENTS EDITED - LIFT Intro: Florida Georgia Line - ASK:REPLY Ep.1 - ASK:REPLY Ep.2 - ASK:REPLY Ep.3 - Get To...
D.O. Carinéna
Created the editing style, animation flow & color correction passes. Sourced main elemental stock footage for coverage & continuity. Handed it off to the project...
Dog Days Of Autumn
Mary Green
Space Kadets